Better Body Better Mind

Better Body Better Mind

This is a perfect series to follow up after Easy Pain Free Moves. Focus on building more connections to body and mind through functional movement. We recommend you have at least a two hour break between lessons to eat and rest if doing more than 1 lesson in a day.

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Better Body Better Mind
  • 2.1 Side Sitting - Head and Hip

    Lesson in side sitting. Relationships between the head and pelvis, find where the weight is carried through the skeleton in side sitting. Tip: Use a small cushion to sit on if your legs and groin area is tight.

  • 2.2 In Chair - Moving Head In All Directions

    Lesson while sitting in a chair. Creating the relationship between the head and the pelvis in sitting. Side bending. Rounding. Arching.

  • 2.3 On Side - Circles with Head and Leg

    Lesson while lying on side. Creating relationship between the center of the body and the extremities.

  • 2.4 On Back - Tilting Knees Turning Head

    Lesson while lying on the back. Variations with turning head while tilting knees to form the relationship between the pelvis and head. Tip: If your legs are getting tired or stiff you are using too much muscular effort in the legs. Try doing smaller movements so that you begin to just feel the we...

  • 2.5 On Back - Turning Pelvis Moving Arms

    Lesson while lying on the back. Lengthening torso one side at a time. Arching back, find the place of power in the skeleton for arching. Side bending.