Integration in Posture

Integration in Posture

This is great series to follow up after Better Body Better Mind. Functional movement to improve sitting and walking by creating better connections between the relationship between the head and the pelvis. We recommend you have at least a two hour break between lessons to eat and rest if doing more than 1 lesson in a day.

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Integration in Posture
  • 3.1 Various Positions - Free the Belly and Chest

    Lesson in various positions. Explore "SeeSaw Breathing" expanding the chest and then the belly to let go of chronic contractions in the torso. Tip: Don't force your breath but pay attention to doing the movement slowly and accurately.

  • 3.2 Grow Taller from Foot to Hand

    Lesson while lying and sitting. Movements to form the back to arch and shift the weight in the skeleton. Discover the power of your lower back when the abdomen isn't creating resistance but free to expand.

  • 3.3 On Side - Looking at Shoulder

    Lesson while lying on side. Twisting the spine and side bending allowing for better movement of ribcage and spine.

  • 3.4 Standing - Crossing Legs

    Lesson while standing behind a chair. Movements to wake up the spine and better form the relationship between the head and pelvis in standing. Tip: If your feet or legs are getting tight, focus on the movement of swivelling the pelvis and look to do it with light legs.

  • 3.5 In Standing - Walking to Hopping

    Lesson in standing. Explore movements to bring more awareness to your feet and ankles as you learn to shift the weight in the pelvis to carry the head with the whole spine. Tip: Have fun hopping and don't forget to smile!