Easy Pain Free Moves

Easy Pain Free Moves

This series is a great primer for beginners. We recommend you do the lessons in sequence from start to finish every day or every other day for greatest results. We recommend you have at least a two hour break between lessons to eat and rest if doing more than 1 lesson in a day.

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Easy Pain Free Moves
  • 1.1 On Back - Folding Knees and Elbows

    Lesson while lying on the back. Folding knees and elbows. Rounding the spine, creating the relationship between the head and pelvis. Organizing torso, chest and ribcage to have less habitual contractions.

  • 1.2 On Back - Twisting Spine

    Lesson on back. Twisting spine to create differentiation and relationship between the head and pelvis.

  • 1.3 On Back - Tilting Knees

    Lesson while lying on back. Tilting knees to use the weight of the legs to begin to map the spine and relationship between the pelvis and head. Tips: If your legs are getting tired or stiff you are using too much muscular effort in the legs. Try doing smaller movements so that you begin to just f...

  • 1.4 Sitting - Ease of Turning

    Lesson while sitting in chair. Variations to create connections between head and pelvis to stack the spine to support the weight in the skeleton. Functional movement of turning around coordinating the whole torso to make movement effortless.

  • 1.5 On Side - Lengthening Right Arm

    Lesson while lying on your left side to coordinate movement of the right arm with spine and pelvis and head. Movement can be also be reversed and done by lying on your right side and moving your left arm. I suggest you only do one side and come back to the lesson another day to try the other side.